Covid-19 – Ferguson Engineering Group of Companies.
General Arrangements & Health Screen.


Ferguson Engineering (Northern) Ltd, Ferguson Laser Engineering Ltd and BNW Company (Bakery) Services Ltd are fully committed to taking all reasonable steps in order to protect our employees, contractors and customers from the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic whilst still trying to operate the businesses to as fuller potential as possible.

As a result, we have taken the specific additional measures as described below during this difficult, unprecedented time whilst the threat levels from Covid-19 remains high:

  • We have pinned up additional notices throughout the factory and offices to remind people to take extra steps for hygiene such as hand washing and sanitising on a regular basis.
  • This includes asking any visitors to the building to complete the health screen below in addition to hand washing before and after they have completed their visit.
  • We have restricted the number of visitors to our factory and offices, allowing business critical visits only.
  • We are monitoring our employees and contractors body temperatures with a non-contact thermometer to ensure that personnel with a temperature above 38oC self-isolate.
    • Moving certain staff into empty offices where the distance between them is under the 2m guideline.
    • Allowed several staff to work from home via VPN.We have split our staff wherever possible to reduce the risk of contamination between them by:
    • Limited the movement of people between departments wherever possible.
  • We have employed additional cleaning staff to disinfect any shared contact surfaces (handrails, door handles, vending machines, etc) daily or twice daily.

Site Working

In addition to the above, anyone who is asked to attend site will be asked to complete the health screen below and possibly the bakeries own health screen or questionnaire.

We are committed to not sending any engineers to site if they present any of the symptoms of Covid-19 as described by the Governments recent guidelines.