Ferguson Engineering (Northern) Ltd designs, manufactures, installs and commissions bakery equipment, offering complete solutions from mixing to packing.  We create bespoke designs to suit your exact requirements through every aspect of a bread making.  Call or email for a quotation or to see examples of what we can do for your bakery.


Ferguson Engineering high speed mixers are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to exacting customer specifications.


Ferguson Engineering offer spiral and rack coolers to suit any bakery layout and all production requirements.  


Ferguson Engineering are proud to offer fully automated robotic tin and lid handling systems including lidders, de-lidders and tin stores.

Basket Systems

Ferguson Engineering basket loaders are a fully automatic, cost effective and efficient means of loading product into trays or baskets without the need for operator intervention.


Ferguson Engineering 1st and final provers are custom designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to exacting customer specifications and offer  ‘L’ type, ‘T’ type and box type provers.


Ferguson Engineering ovens are designed and built around customer requirements to achieve maximum efficiency, low running costs and flexibility should the businesses needs change.

Loaders & Unloaders

Ferguson Engineering offer a range of fully automatic loaders and unloaders to suit all plant rates, products, strap types and sizes.

Conveyor Systems

Ferguson Engineering design, manufacture, install and commission hot bread batching systems to suit almost any product and plant rate.

Below are some of our design to full build projects

Cooler-&-Cold-Bread-ConveyorsCooler & Cold Bread Conveyors-after

Bespoke Designed Conveyors

Bespoke Designed Robots