Ferguson Engineering design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke basket conveyor systems to suit any type of basket and plant rate. Available as stand alone systems or integrated into other basket systems, our basket conveyors are designed to automate and remove the requirement of extra labour to move either single empty baskets, single full baskets or stacked empty baskets and stacked full baskets.

The full range of basket conveyor systems includes:

Basket Conveyors: Capable of moving stacked baskets or single baskets, basket conveyors automatically allow baskets to move around the plant and queue as necessary. Available with different conveying medium, FEN basket conveyors are an efficient and reliable method of moving baskets to anywhere around the plant.

Basket Store: Stacked / nested baskets that are conveyed from a dolly unloader and automatically fed onto an ebb / flow system either onto the denester or into the store. Basket stores are typically installed on a mezzanine floor for space saving and therefore are available with an optional fully automatic stacked basket lift.

Basket Denester & Tumbler: Fully automatic and capable of feeding basket at high plant rates, denesters and tumblers are an efficient and reliable way of denesting stacked baskets and turning them through 180 degrees to allow debris to drop from them before entering the production area. See our Basket Denesters and Tumblers page for more information.

Basket Loaders / Stackers: Fully automated to reduce the need for packaging labour, FEN basket stackers are capable of high throughput rates for any type of basket. See Basket Loaders and Basket Stackers for more information.