Ferguson Engineering ovens are designed and built around customer requirements to achieve maximum efficiency, low running costs and flexibility should the businesses needs change. The design is based on modular sections to allow the oven to be controlled in zones to achieve a better and more controlled bake. Each modular section is self contained with a combustion burner, electrical control panel, circulation fan and damper control. This allows the oven to be extended by installing a modular section when the bakery production demands increase with minimum downtime and disruption to the business.

Using forced air convection, the burner and combustion fan allows conditioned air to be distributed evenly throughout each bake chamber via variably controlled dampers. Heat is re-circulated to keep operating costs to a minimum and burner temperatures are controlled via the sectional control panel so that each zone can be set up independently to best suit your product if required. An over-temp alarm is installed as standard should an issue occur within the oven. The oven conveyor medium is specified as per customer requests with the option of slats, grids, hot plate and wire mesh. The main drive system is protected with a mechanical Shearguard clutch as standard and the added protection of power monitoring via the inverter should a failure occur.

All Ferguson Engineering ovens are installed with safety access doors as standard. These doors allow full access to the top and bottom pass to aid cleaning, maintenance and health and safety should a person become trapped. Fully integrated with Ferguson Engineering Oven Loaders and Unloaders, the oven operation is fully automatic with a range of safety features, operating alarms and bypass systems to ensure that product never becomes trapped within the bake chamber. Typical electrical control options include Rockwell, Siemens and Mitsubishi complete with optional HMI with full monitoring systems and changeable operating parameters.