Ferguson Engineering 1st and final provers are custom designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to exacting customer specifications and offer ‘L’ type, ‘T’ type and box type provers. The more recent design of the ‘L’ type prover offers a space saving option as they are typically installed over the oven and has walk in accessibility for ease of maintenance and hygiene purposes. When installed in conjunction with a Ferguson Engineering Prover Loader and Prover Discharge assembly, the whole operation of loading, proving and unloading becomes fully automatic. Our inbuilt alarm systems warns operators of issues such as double dough’s or excess batch which means our Provers function efficiently and operates with very little input from the user.

Our final provers are finished to a very high standard with insulated panels and the option of a stainless steel or a white laminate finish. The moduclad PIR panels are lightweight, fire rated and offer very high thermal performance to ensure that there is no heat or humidity loss throughout the operation. Prover swings are typically of a mild steel construction and hot dip galvanised for a durable finish, although there is the option of painted or stainless steel swings if required on spec.

The air conditioning system is housed externally in a position suitable to the customers needs. The conditioned air is circulated evenly along the length of the prover chamber and the temperature and humidity is automatically controlled to achieve accurate optimum proving conditions. Where possible, the air is automatically re-circulated to keep running costs to a minimum without any affect on the product. An emergency extract system is installed to enable quick exhausting of the high temperature and humidity should there be an issue further down the plant to prevent over proving of the product.