Ferguson Engineering offer spiral and rack coolers to suit any bakery layout and all production requirements. Suitable for all plant rates, our coolers minimise weight loss whilst cooling the product effectively and efficiently to keep dividing weights and costs to a minimum. Our coolers are installed with integrated loading and unloading systems, air conditioning units, safety systems, electrical controls and alarms to provide a complete and automatic product cooling solution from one supplier.

The integrated loading and unloading system comprises of a two stage double loader and a single stage unloader to maximise loading and unloading from any hot bread conveyor system onto any cold bread conveyor system. The pre-installed automatic alarms alert the nearest operator of any issues such as an excess batch to minimise plant downtime whilst keeping operator costs to a minimum. The parallel flow air conditioning system operates using variable speed fans and water sprays. Cold air is drawn in from outside and passed through F6 grade filters before water is atomised into the airflow via water jets and passed through water eliminator blades and onto the product.

The used air can then be vented to atmosphere or re-used as required to keep the accurate temperature and humidity set points as required. Automatic dump valves, replaceable filters and removable eliminator blades allow the user to maintain a fully hygienic system with minimum effort. Ferguson Engineering coolers are finished to a very high standard with insulated panels with the option of a stainless steel or a white laminate finish. The moduclad PIR panels are lightweight, fire rated and offer very high thermal performance to ensure that there is no heat or humidity transfer from the bakery into the cooler or from the cooler into the bakery.