Ferguson Engineering basket loaders are a fully automatic, cost effective and efficient means of loading product into trays or baskets without the need for operator intervention. Basket loaders are capable of automatically forming various patterns straight from the cold bread conveyor system and come installed with its own integrated HMI screen to allow users to easily change patterns by selecting the appropriate selection from the screen.

Fully guarded with interlocked light curtains, basket loaders have a open construction to allow quick and access for operators, hygiene and maintenance personnel as required without any detriment to safety. Construction is stainless steel and conveying medium is plastic modular belting and plastic slat to keep running noise to a minimum.

The machine is available as a stand alone system with it’s own electrical panel, control system and pneumatic control so it can be installed on the end of an existing product line or as part of a replacement scheme to upgrade existing equipment. The basket loader is also available with a number of options such as a basket feed system, bail arm turners, basket stackers and in-floor basket away systems to allow full automation of basket handling, loading and stacking.

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