Escape Tables

Ferguson Engineering escape / overrun tables are designed to allow the user to recover product that would otherwise be lost in addition to allowing any upstream plant to continue without affecting or damaging the product that is already in transit through the cooler, oven, prover or mixing plant. Simplistic in design yet effective in production, escape tables are installed with the required controls that allows operators to either run the table in automatic mode which indexes product onto it, or a mode that allows the operator to call all the product that is already on the escape / overrun conveyors. PLC controlled, the software automatically monitors product in transit on the conveyor system. Once product has queued on a predetermined conveyor, a switch or boom conveyor automatically allows product to run down the escape conveyors whilst sounding an alarm to warn nearby operators.

There is also an override option to allow operators to call all product to the escape conveyor for racking off for reject reasons. Escape tables and conveyors can be installed as an addition to any hot or cold bread system. The control itself can be installed in the existing control panel or mounted separately if panel space is an issue. The escape tables are constructed from stainless steel and are installed with a basket shelf to allow product to be loaded into a basket if required for ease of handling. Tables are are available in either single or twin lane and use modular belt as standard convey the product.

Packaging Conveyors

Ferguson Engineering produce packaging conveyors for all product types for any type of application. Conveyors are typically designed around customer requirements including the type of product to be conveyed and the conveying medium to be used. Typical applications include inclines and declines of any angle, pivoting conveyors, flighted belt, modular belt, continuous belt, self tracking belts, retractable conveyors and more. Call our sales team with your requirements and we will share our ideas and proposals to help convey your product.