Ferguson Engineering high speed mixers are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned to exacting customer specifications. With the prime target of consistency, our mixers are adaptable to all plant requirements with the option of pressure and / or vacuum systems. Mixer rates of 1’560kg/hr to 6’000kg/hr and are available for bread, pizza, rolls, cake and pastry dough.

The mixers are fully integrated with automatic weigh stations, dough bowl lift and control panel complete with operator friendly multifunctional HMI. The stainless steel construction and fully sealed components offer a hygienic design complete with access steps and platforms for maintenance and hygiene requirements.

Many options available including:

  • Ingredients manifold for additional pumped ingredients with flow metres.

  • Jacketed mixing bowls cooled by water or glycol.

  • Jacketed / insulated water hopper.

  • Auto drain valve in mixer tub for auto clean cycle.

  • Additional weigh hoppers for dry or wet ingredients.

  • Divider dough level sensor.

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via a secure VPN connection.