Ferguson Engineering design denesters tumblers for all types of baskets and plant rates. Designed as a fully automated system, denesters and tumblers are a cost effective and efficient means of denesting empty stacks of baskets and turning them without the need for operator intervention. Available as single, double or triple types, denesters and tumblers are designed as an optional stand-alone system.

With its own electrical panel and control system or they can be fully integrated into an existing or new empty basket feed conveyor system. The controls are built into the control panel are come with the option of a colour HMI with full alarms and diagnostics display. When integrated with a full basket feed system, stacked baskets are loaded onto the a conveyor via a dolly unloader and are automatically conveyed to the denester where they queue and denest as required. Baskets are then fed to the basket tumbler where they are rotated through 180 degrees to remove any debris left in the basket.

The single empty basket then moves onto a basket wash to an operator station to be loaded therefore making the whole system from start to finish fully automated. Constructed fully from stainless steel, denesters are an efficient and reliable piece of plant that are easy and cost effective to maintain. Integrated guards and bump strips allow easy access to the machine when required to serviceable parts. Spares are available for direct replacement or Ferguson Engineering can offer a full maintenance package including PPM’s and asset care.