Ferguson Engineering design, manufacture, install and commission hot bread batching systems to suit almost any product and plant rate. Compatible with any depanning unit, hot bread conveyors are typically installed as a twin lane system for higher plant rates and a single lane system for standard plant rates.

After the product has been depanned, the batching system automatically and accurately counts the product and arranges them into predetermined queue lengths before allowing them to pass to the next conveyors and onto the cooler. Batching the product means that the conveyors are optimised for space whilst creating a quicker and more efficient way of loading the cooler. Hot bread systems have the option of an escape / overrun system and escape / overrun table in the event of any issues with the cooler or anything else downstream of the plant. A fully guarded and interlocked tier selector automatically selects the escape conveyors whilst sounding a warning alarm to warn the operators of an impending issue. Product then flows to an escape table where it can be recovered and reused without any loss to production and without affecting any product that is in transit from the oven or prover.

The belt medium used is the durable MTTB modular type acetal belting whilst conveyor bodies, support steelwork, guides and guards are all manufactured from stainless steel. Cold bread systems are installed around specific plant requirements including bakery layout, plant rates and the number of wrapper / bagger / flow wrapper lanes. Designed around the stronger, durable and more cost effective plastic modular belting, all Ferguson Engineering hot and cold bread conveyors offer maximum reliability and a very efficient method of conveying product from the cooler to the end of the line. Switching conveyors allow queued product to be distributed evenly along each available lane to a dribble feed conveyor to ensure that plant rates are maximised with the minimum number of packaging machines.

Queue lengths are optimised for plant efficiency and the number of queues are determined by plant layout and customer preference. Ferguson Engineering cold bread systems are fully automatic and have the option to be installed with escape / overrun conveyors and table to ensure that no product is lost and no downtime caused upstream in the event of product build up at the packaging machines. The belt medium used is the durable MTTB modular type acetal belting whilst conveyor bodies, support steelwork, switch tower, guides, guards and undertrays are all manufactured from stainless steel.