Ferguson Engineering basket stackers are available as a stand alone unit or integrated in between a basket loader and a full basket away system. Complete with bail arm turner, basket loading becomes fully automatic, therefore reducing the need for additional operators at the packaging area. Basket stackers are an open construction to allow quick and access for operators, hygiene and maintenance personnel as required. Constructed of stainless steel with conveying medium of durable stainless steel slat or plastic slat to keep running noise to a minimum.

All our basket stackers come with their own electrical and pneumatic control systems. Their is an integrated self check system to reduce the risk of stacks falling over and a push button station with simple start / stop, emergency stop, reset and eject part stack buttons for ease of operation.

Check out our integrated basket loader, basket stacker and basket away system video on the Basket Loader page, or alternatively search for FergusonEngineering on You Tube and subscribe to our channel.